Villa Pajon Eco Lodge

7 beautiful cabins with stone fireplaces, stucco walls and pine beams.

Villa Pajon Eco Lodge


Villa Pajon, Located in Valle Nuevo, consists of a complex of 7 beautiful cabins of low ecological impact.

Eco Lodge

Villa Pajon Eco Lodge

Nature walks in a variety of ecosystems, Horseback riding, Bird watching, Mountain biking and more.

Villa Pajón Eco Lodge - Valle Nuevo

Welcome to Villa Pajon Eco Lodge

Villa Pajon is an historic, low-impact eco-lodge located in Valle Nuevo National Park. Its 7 comfortably equipped cabins provide the setting to experience this unique landscape. The attentive and accommodating staff facilitates and makes more enjoyable the occasion. Come explore this diverse eco-system, or sit simply sit and enjoy the quiet and un-hurried pace of the countryside. Villa Pajon is the ideal place to discover the many possibilities that Valle Nuevo has to offer.
Historia Villa Pajon Eco Lodge Valle Nuevo

About us

The Guzmán family name has been synonymous to Valle Nuevo for over 50 years. Since the 1950’s the family has been originator of many innovative projects, including construction of the first highway between Bonao and Valle Nuevo, establishment of a state of the art sawmill, development of one of the first flower plantations in the country, to the creation of the eco-lodge, Villa Pajon. Today, the Guzmán family is committed to a conservation program of the lands under its management, combining sustainable ecological tourism with planned scientific study of the area.
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